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Travailler @ VARO

Le dynamisme d’une entreprise repose sur ses employés. Nous prenons soin de nos employés, nous prenons soin de vous.


Colour Energy With Us!

​Successfully and safely supplying fuel to businesses and consumers across borders and at any time begins with building a company that is agile, driven and creative at its core. We know that being number one in a dynamic and competitive market starts with a strong foundation of motivated people who believe in what we do.
Working at VARO means having the freedom to create your own energy story. We’re on the lookout for leaders and challengers who are questioning industry standards and want to contribute to our entrepreneurial spirit. Creating a bright future for the downstream energy sector means being unafraid to advance.

As a member of our team, you’ll join VARO in building respectful relationships with customers and colleagues that inspire trust and innovation by doing what you say. Diversity is our strength and we’re harnessing our people’s potential to push our business forward with a can-do attitude. Keeping an open mind and rolling-up your sleeves is at the heart of what we do, but who says you can’t have fun while getting the job done?
Who says you can’t change the industry?
Who says you can’t do it with a personal touch?
Who says we can’t be colourful?
You are in VARO. You colour the energy industry.

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