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Who says
energy isn’t colourful?

24 hours a day, 365 days a year VARO safely supplies fuels to our local and international customers where they are needed, and when they are needed.


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Supplying fuel to customers is at the core of VARO’s business. Our fully integrated and adaptable network of production and storage facilities, distribution channels and sales points means that we can provide our fuel to our customers where they need it and when they need it in Germany, Switzerland, Benelux and France. We’re innovating and working with integrity along the entire supply chain to deliver high quality oil products and services where and when they’re needed.

Number of employees:
+/- 1.250
Largest bunkering network in Europe
Bunkering capacity:
21.000 m3
Refining capacity:
176 kbpd
Terminal capacity:
2.3 Mio m3
Gas stations:
+ 250
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VARO's functional locations are no coincidence. Our distribution network is built on practicality and accessibility for our customers across North Western Europe, by land or water.

We source, refine, store, blend, move and sell energy exactly where and when it is needed.

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VARO's wide range of brands means that we're known for providing high quality and reliable oil products for everyday use and for backing them up with great service.
VARO Energy and GPS Group announce the completion of an integrated biofuels facility in the Port of Amsterdam
21 January 2022
  • VARO and GPS have developed a unique rail handling system as well as ethanol storage capacity, dedicated for VARO’s use in the Port of Amsterdam.
  • The modernization of the infrastructure is an important step to respond to the increasing demand of biofuels.
  • The rail system represents a more environmentally friendly logistics alternative besides offering new important trading opportunities.

Zug, 21st January 2022 – VARO Energy Group, a leading European energy transition company and GPS Group, a growing storage and logistics provider today have announced the successful completion of a new railway line and ethanol storage tanks, which will be operated as of 1st February 2022.

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Switzerland’s most powerful ground-mounted solar facility to be built in Cressier (NE)
13 January 2022

Zug, 13th January 2022 – VARO Energy Group (“VARO”) and Groupe E, companies active in the energy transition, announced today that they will build the most powerful ground-mounted solar facility in Switzerland. 19,000 photovoltaic panels will generate a significant portion of electricity consumed by Switzerland’s only refinery, located in Cressier. The facility will be integrated from a biodiversity perspective and is partnering with the CSEM, a Swiss research and development center to test a new generation of solar panels, demonstrating its commitment to innovation.
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Dev Sanyal stepping into role of VARO’s CEO
03 January 2022

Zug, Switzerland, 3rd January, 2022 – VARO Energy Group (VARO), a leading energy company active across Europe, has announced that today Dev Sanyal is formally stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer.

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Who says the industry can't be about people? Who says the industry can't be about people?

Who says the industry can't be about people?

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