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Our products

VARO is a top supplier of high quality products to various industries across Europe, including transportation, agriculture, marine energy solutions, manufacturing, construction and home energy.

We produce and provide transport fuels, heavy fuel oils, heating oils and biofuels that add value to your business. Our products are refined to improve your operational efficiency and reduce your environmental impact.

Our Products

VARO's business doesn't stop with our products. We serve our customers across Europe by producing and providing high quality fuel and gas products along with efficient logistical services. We deliver our products where and when they're needed at competitive prices, without forgoing safety and reliability.

All of our products are either produced at one of our two refineries or purchased at other locations and marketed through our large network of distribution points, retail locations and via delivery services across Europe. This includes our network of inland bunker stations, ship bunker and heating oil deliveries.

Our Products

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

VARO actively produces and supplies LPG to clients in the commercial and private sector in Germany and Switzerland. 


We produce and blend several gasoline grades and biofuels to meet our customer demands. Our large network of storage tank facilities enables us to meet our customer's fuel requirements. Our retail stations give direct access to our gasoline products at a local level.


VARO provides several biofuel solutions for our customers to meet the rising demand for products which minimize the impact on the environment.
We're investing in innovations that contribute to the current energy transition into a greener future for the energy sector.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)

VARO offers ULSD fuels that are available to our customers through our many distribution points, inland waterway bunker stations and retail stations. Our large distribution network and Just In Time delivery approach means that we're well positioned to meet our customer's increasing need for these types of high quality and ecologically designed fuels at competitive rates and level of service.

Heating Oil

We provide several grades of heating oil, the most common being 50ppm grade. Through VARO's logistical services and extensive network of wholesale and B2C distribution points, we deliver heating oil to customers in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Aviation Fuel

VARO is one of the main suppliers of jet fuel to the Munich and Geneva airports.


VARO's bitumen business is based in Germany where we produce, sell and distribute our specialized polymer blends for road construction.

Bunker Fuel Oil

VARO continuously invests to produce higher grade bunker fuel oil.
Our ability to understand and navigate the bunker fuel market's complexity sets us apart.

Use less, emit less

VARO delivers the best products and serves its business partners better than its competitors along the entire supply chain. We take pride in serving our diverse range of customers by producing high quality products and delivering them where and when they're needed through our extensive network of distribution points and logistical services.

We want to make doing business with us as easy and convenient as possible so that you can focus on adding value on the important parts of your business.

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