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Carbon Removal & Reduction

VARO owns a 51% stake in SilviCarbon, a global leader in nature-based Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs). 

With an abundance of expertise in carbon, forestry and agro-forestry markets, SilviCarbon purposefully selects and participates in scalable afforestation, reforestation and regenerative farming projects that provide tangible long-term economic and social benefits.
SilviCarbon matches reforestation projects with carbon market participants to facilitate the removal of carbon from the atmosphere for the long- term. The company’s four founders bring their extensive experience in plantations, forestry products and carbon markets to develop carbon financing solutions for large-scale forestry projects, and provide carbon removal credits to companies seeking to meet their net zero climate targets.

Want to know more about SilviCarbon? TAKE A LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE
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