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Our energy solutions

Supplying energy is at the core of VARO’s business. VARO produces, stores and markets a wide variety of energy solutions to its customers located across Germany, Switzerland, France and the Benelux. 

We are known for providing high-quality energy products for everyday use through a reliable infrastructure and with first-rate customer service.

Our core business

Marketing & Distribution

Our inland bunkering network is the largest in Europe, making us Europe's number one supplier to inland waterways and cruise ships. We proudly own 9 of our bunkering locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

VARO's services include a large network of B2B clients, resellers and direct distribution channels in North West Europe through which we distribute a comprehensive range of locally generated products such as diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and heating oil.

Our end-users are located in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Next to that we own 233 retail sites across the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

EV Solutions

VARO owns 49,5% of the shares in E-Flux, a Dutch technology company that provides software for electric vehicle charging. The E-Flux platform provides key eMobility services by connecting EV-drivers to an extensive EV-charging infrastructure. The platform holds a pivotal role in the EV Charging ecosystem and functions as a spider web to enable continuous EV Charging operation.

Want to know more about E-Flux? Take a look at their website

Carbon Removal & Reduction

VARO owns a 51% stake in SilviCarbon, a global leader in nature-based Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs). With an abundance of expertise in carbon, forestry and agro-forestry markets, SilviCarbon purposefully selects and participates in scalable afforestation, reforestation and regenerative farming projects that provide tangible long-term economic and social benefits.
SilviCarbon matches reforestation projects with carbon market participants to facilitate the removal of carbon from the atmosphere for the long- term. The company’s four founders bring their extensive experience in plantations, forestry products and carbon markets to develop carbon financing solutions for large-scale forestry projects, and provide carbon removal credits to companies seeking to meet their net zero climate targets.

Want to know more about SilviCarbon? Take a look at their website 


Our daily refining capacity of 176.000 +/- barrels has established us as an experienced, safe and reliable operator.

VARO's production began with the purchase of the Cressier refinery in Switzerland in 2012 and was followed two years later by the purchase of a major share in the Bayernoil refinery in Germany. The Bayernoil refinery is one of Europe's largest and most modern refining facilities.

Both refineries produce and blend a range of oil products sold locally including jet fuel, gasoline and diesel for personal vehicles, fuel to heat houses and bitumen for road construction.


VARO's tank storage capacity is currently 2.3 Mio.m3 in 42 locations across 5 countries*. Our Terminal Network, including storage facilities, spreads across Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Our storage network supplies the marketing and distribution side of our business.

*excluding refineries

What are we making?

We make fuel for life. Our products are used in aviation, marine and overland transportation, property heating and agriculture. For a full description of our products, click on the button below.

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