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Empowering people and ensuring health/safety

A focus on the people that colour our energy. VARO is committed to providing equal opportunities to its diverse workforce by building a culture where diversity is an asset and inclusion is a key to our continuous success and personal growth.

We want everyone to thrive as part of a diverse and inclusive workplace. To ensure this, we provide opportunities for all people, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, or national origin.

To date, we have set up an governance structure that manages diversity and inclusion across our business aligned with our Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Policy. Along side these efforts, we realise there is room for improvement. To ensure we upkeep an open culture and provide a place where everyone can be heard and empowered,  we have hired an external consultant who is paving the way forward on this journey to doing better.
To evaluate our approach, we recently launched our first corporate-wide anonymous diversity and inclusion survey that aims to capture diversity and inclusion bottlenecks and improvement areas. Beginning of 2022 we will present the results and next steps to the entire company. We are confident that the results will offer important inputs for VARO’s diversity and inclusion policy, and we are committed to running this survey annually.

Since its beginning, VARO’s success was built on the heritage of around 20 companies with different stories, background and cultures, which we integrated over the years. There is no doubt for us that diversity is a key asset and this is why we are very committed to further focus  on it today and in future.”   Gilles Vollin, EVP Integration and Capability
Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Policy Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Policy

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Policy

VARO Energy is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. The aim is to have a diverse workforce, representative of all sections of society. For more information please read our policy.

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