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What we do

VARO focuses on three core business areas.


We own and operate a refinery in Cressier (Switzerland), currently the only operating refinery in Switzerland and own a 45%-shares in Bayernoil (Germany), one of Europe’s largest and most modern refineries. Both refineries produce a range of oil products for everyday use, sold locally and including jet fuel for airlines, gasoline and diesel for personal cars, fuel to heat houses or asphalt for road construction.


VARO’s total storage capacity of 3 million cubic meters is spread over a network of nearly 50 depots across Northwest Europe. To support our sales processes, the majority of the network is strategically placed along the Rhine.

Distribution & Sales

Our network provides our customers with a secure and reliable supply of high quality products at competitive prices. We know that receiving the right products at the right time is essential for our local customers’ business, and we take this responsibility very seriously.