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Doing responsible business

VARO establishes ESG steering committee and ESG team.

VARO is dedicated to doing business responsibly everywhere we operate, and in everything we do. Clear and transparent oversight of our ESG strategy and performance are important elements to ensuring the good governance of our operations. With that in mind, we have set up an ESG Steering Committee and ESG Team. The composition of these ESG governing bodies is evolving and open to include VARO employees in line with their changing needs and interests on current topics.  
VARO’s ESG Team was added to the Strategic Department to support the Management Board. In this role, the team helps initiate, deliver, and measure the advancement of VARO’s ESG objectives within the organization. The ESG team also works to create the right cultural and learning environment within the company to support our ESG strategy, and to communicate our achievements and challenges.
VARO’s ESG team consists of:

  • Julia Massey - ESG Manager

  • Ernestina Benedetto - Interim EVP Strategy and Transformation

  • Yves Malherbe - Head of Renewables Manufacturing

  • Theo Pannekeet -  EVP New Energies and Innovation

  • Tomas Kesjar - IFRS Accounting Policy Manager

  • Florence Lebeau - Head of Communications 

The ESG steering committee and team were officially founded in September 2020.

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