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It’s time to energise the transition into a sustainable world

At VARO, we believe in the power of energy. Energy enables our society to be mobile, comfortable, connected and innovative. Yet at the same time, the energy we use puts significant pressure on our planet and people.

Our aim is to enhance the accessibility and affordability of energy for people around the world. VARO is committed to accelerating the transition to cleaner energy by making energy solutions with lower environmental impact accessible to the market in collaboration with our business partners, investors and customers. For this, the transition from fossil to renewable energy needs to be equitable. We cannot reduce the pressure we are putting on the environment and increase reuse our resources without supporting the livelihoods of energy workers and communities in this shift.

The global energy system requires a change. We will need a fast and bold energy transition to get there.” Theo Pannekeet, EVP New Energies and Innovation

Our commitment to sustainability

We are dedicated to making sustainable energy accessible and affordable to keep people, societies and the world in motion. We do this by accelerating sustainable solutions to meet the energy needs of today and tomorrow. For nearly a decade, VARO has been bringing large volumes of biofuels to the market. These play an important role in the energy transition alongside other sustainable energy alternatives, such as electric vehicles and hydrogen power.

Our solutions help our customers reduce their impact by minimizing carbon emissions and crude oil dependency. On top of this, we focus specifically on reusing resources as a form of energy, such as advanced biofuels made from used cooking oils. This way, the VARO portfolio of solutions is helping the world to become increasingly low-carbon and circular.


Our four sustainability objectives

To ensure that we leverage a sustainable impact to the best of our abilities, we have set Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) objectives. Each objective includes specific material focus areas, which were defined and prioritized by engaging with internal and external stakeholders.

Find the full list of material ESG topics here


To achieve these objectives, we are combining our built-up experience with our future vision to accelerate the energy transition. There is quite a journey ahead, but we believe that it is all possible if we combine the knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure of the energy sector to achieve affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

How we measure our impact
We have established solid sustainability objectives related to our business transformation and we are committed to continuously working on new and more ambitious objectives in line with the evolving need for the world’s energy transition. Our objectives are backed by concrete targets for 2025, measurable by specifically identified key performance indicators (KPIs).

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