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It’s time to energise the transition into a sustainable world

Energy enables our society to be mobile, comfortable, connected and innovative. Yet at the same time, the energy we use puts significant pressure on our planet and people.

Our aim is to enhance the accessibility and affordability of energy for people around the world. VARO is committed to accelerating the transition to cleaner energy by making energy solutions with lower environmental impact accessible to the market in collaboration with our business partners, investors and customers. For this, the transition from fossil to renewable energy needs to be equitable. We cannot reduce the pressure we are putting on the environment and increase reuse our resources without supporting the livelihoods of energy workers and communities in this shift.

Our commitment - Net Zero by 2040

VARO has announced a sector leading commitment to Net Zero by 2040 as a key part of its strategy to become the energy transition partner of choice. 

Sector leading Net Zero targets:
- 40% absolute reduction of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 2030
- 15% scope 3 carbon intensity reduction by 2030
- Net Zero by 2040

We exist to accelerate the transition to a world of reliable, accessible, sustainable energy. Dev Sanyal, CEO VARO Energy


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