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Let’s talk values

Get to know VARO better. Our values are important to us and are reflected in the way we work.

We’re building our company around our shared values because when we say we want to do better business in the downstream sector, we mean it.

Build respectful collaboration and have fun

We enjoy what we do and we reflect that in the way we work with each other. For us, building a strong team means putting value on positive relationships under all circumstances and showing respect for everyone that you work with.

We also believe that it’s everyone’s job to bring out the best in each other and recognise the successes of others. 

Let’s do it

Create entrepreneurial teams with
a can-do attitude

Innovation through entrepreneurial attitude is at the heart of what we do. We’re eager and optimistic about exploring new territory and taking assessed risks while maintaining a clear vision of our business.
We aim to continue learning by keeping a broad perspective on our work, sharing information and collaborating throughout the organisation, and always going the extra mile.


Say what you do and do what you say

At VARO we believe in open and honest communication that is respectful of everyone. We’re acting responsibly and promoting fair culture to help build trust in one and other and feel comfortable to act courageously.

Support and challenge each other

Our diversity is our strength. This means that we take the time to reflect on teamwork and ways to collaborate with one and other that amplifies each other’s strengths. And when we communicate with each other, we’re respectful and focused on key issues.

Want to work with us? Want to work with us?

Want to work with us?

We're always happy to hear from talented individuals.

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