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How did we get here?

Discover the history of VARO, which began with the purchase of the Cressier refinery in Switzerland in 2012, right through to our latest acquisition.   
Colouring energy with every step we take Growth story of VARO


  • VARO becomes majority shareholder in the German refinery Bayernoil with a total of 51.4% shares and acquires  Pmb-plant in Vohburg.

  • VARO acquires 100% of the shares in SMD Beheer BV, a company within the Calpam-group, thus adding 19 Calpam-branded stations to its Dutch retail network.


  • VARO expands their retail network in the Netherlands with the purchase of Van den Belt and gains several fuel stations in the process.


  • VARO announces the growth of retail activities in the Netherlands by signing an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Inter Oil B.V., a holding company, gaining the brand names Brand Oil and amiGo.

  • Hydrocarbon Hotel Tankstorage Terminal, purchased in 2016, is sold to Global Petro Storage.

  • A former Petrotank terminal situated in Hanau in Germany is sold to Adolf Roth GmbH & Co. KG.

  • VARO announces the growth of retail business in Eastern Germany by acquiring the assets of Schneider Mineralöl Meissen GmbH, a retail and direct sales company.

  • VARO expands their retail network in the Netherlands with the purchase of United Fuel Group B.V. and gains several fuel stations in the process.


  • VARO takes full control over two tankstorage terminals in the Netherlands: Hydrocarbon Hotel and Enviem Terminal.

  • VARO expands their inland bunkering activities by acquiring Fiwado B.V. in the Netherlands.

  • Petrotank, purchased in 2014, changes its name to VARO Energy Tankstorage GmbH.


  • VARO acquires German wholesale distributor Gekol and its subsidiary Marol.

  • VARO and Argos, a Dutch based company, sign a merger agreement and VARO gains full ownership of Rhytank AG, located in Switzerland.

  • VARO purchases bunkering activities from Vitol in Germany.


  • VARO purchases Vitol Marketing & Petrotank in Germany.

  • VARO becomes the owner of 45% of Bayernoil refinery in Germany.

  • VARO purchases Huiles Minérales, Mazol and Portales & Bonnet in the Swiss heating oil market.


  • VARO announced the investment 50 million CHF in the Cressier refinery.


  • Purchase of the Cressier refinery, marketing and storage activities in Switzerland.

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